this is written on the spot tonight. it just flowed out of me (not well :rolleyes but i just wanted any comments, or opinions. thank you to anyone who reads.
The red street light illuminates the pavement
And the white and yellow lines paint a vivid mural of perfection.
I sit where these two streets collide in intersection.
and wonder of the beauty of our paths connecting.
The silence speaks wonders
and the lifeless landscape eases my troubled mind into motion.
A world of thought can process in these 8 seconds.
But I think only of you.

I squeeze the wheel tight
As I try to get a grip on my own scattered mind.
It’s not uncommon to momentarily slip into a shapeless day dream,
but to have a lifetime pan before me
in images as clear as the stars above…
It makes me feel oddly uncontrolled of my own selfish thoughts.

There is so much more unseen.
a road map of crossing paths, people,
friends and enemies to get tangled in.
and If I weren’t so full of boyish feelings,
I would ask for directions. Get this mess sorted out.
I would tame the concrete jungle.
Or at least that’s the image I’ll let you see.

oh, how I wish to be lost in the endless streets of your life.
A life filled with intersections, each one more interesting then the next.
To drive with out caution or purpose,
To drive with the intent of getting lost.
But yet I sit silent at the path I have followed.
A path also filled with friends and enemies.
but I think only of you.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the irony,
in me sitting, waiting, with my foot heavy on the brake.
But it also doesn’t take a genius to see,
That all I’m waiting for is a green light.

i'm aware there is quite a few grammar, spelling, wording issues. as well as terrible problems with a steady flow.
but this is just the idea i was trying to get across.
any feedback welcome.