Hi all. Did a quick search for a topic like this, but I didn't see one with quite the same concerns as mine, so I decided to start a new thread. If there already is another topic with the same questions and I somehow missed it, please redirect me there and I'll take this one down. Also, if this would be better suited in the Gear and Accessories section (I was a little unsure as to whether that would be a better fit for this sort of thing), once again, please let me know, and I'll be happy to move the thread. Thanks.

So, over the past week or so, I've been building my own pedal board. I planned it out fairly meticulously, and so far it's coming along really well. I recently purchased some velcro to secure my pedals with, but when I went to attach it to the pedals this morning, a couple of thoughts occurred to me:

Firstly, which is better to place on the pedals: the hook or the loop? Does it matter? I know that the norm is typically the hook, but I wasn't sure if there was a reason for that or not.

Secondly, several of my pedals are boss effects with battery information labeled to the bottom. I also have a digitech HarmonyMan, with a similar label secured underneath. Now, if I later choose to remove one of these pedals from my board and try to take the velcro off, will the velcro also rip the labels off? I like to keep my stuff in good shape, and though I understand that a ripped label is just a small cosmetic defect, I'd like to avoid such an occasion if at all possible. In the end, my question kind of boils down to this: how strong is the bond that secures that label to the pedal? Which will break first - the glue holding the velcro, or the glue holding the label? And if the label is likely to rip, is there anything I can do to prevent this incident while retaining the velcro's strength?

Last question: as previously mentioned, one of my pedals is a digitech HarmonyMan. For those of you who have never held it, this is a fairly heavy pedal (at least as far as stompbox effects go). Though I've been building the board itself from scratch, I did go out an purchase a cheap case to keep it in. I had planned to put the HarmonyMan on the bottom of my board, but this means that when the case is closed and being carried, the HarmonyMan will be at the top. I'm assuming that the velcro will hold it in place, but I could certainly use some reassurance that it's not going to tear off and smash into my other effects. I'm using fairly heavy-duty velcro (so I think...), two inches in width, and a strip on both the left and right side. Think that'll hold it alright?

Any comments/suggestions on any/all of my concerns would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. And, even if you don't have any thoughts but you managed to get through reading all of this, I still thank you.
You may want tohe hook side on the board. My thinking is that if you take the pedal off the board and use it on the floor, you wouldn't squash the hooks or w/e, if that's possible. Really doesn't matter tho.

It might try to rip the label off, might not. You'll have to test it out yorself. Depends on the strength of the adhesive.

I'd put a strip on each side that's as long as the casing of the memoryman. fyi, idk what they look like. They're rectangular or square, right? so I'd put a strip on each side so that you basically have a rectangle of velcro.
^pretty much that..

but for which side of the velcro to use, I find myself putting the hook side on the pedal..

if i take pedals off the board and use them individually in a carpeted area, the stick down to the carpet, and dont move around

whether you'd want them sticking to the carpet or not is up to you, though..
Thanks for the quick responses.

Invader Jim: That's true about squishing the hook side. I'll have to think about whether or not that will pose an issue for me. I suppose testing out the adhesive strength is the best (maybe even only) sure way to know. Just wasn't sure if someone had ever tried to remove a piece of velcro afterwards only to realize that their label had been damaged. I guess I'll stick a piece on my DS-1 pedal first, let it sit for a while, and then remove it to see if it rips the label. That way, even if it harms the pedal, it'll be a fairly inexpensive one. Yeah, the HarmonyMan is a rectangular pedal. It certaintly couldn't hurt to stick velcro all along the underside perimeter, just to be safe. Thanks.

james4: Hmm... that's something else to think about. Having them stick on a carpeted area could be a nice benefit. Of course, I suppose it could also get annoying if I'm just trying to move the pedals around briefly and they keep sticking when I don't want them to. I'll give that some thought. Thanks.
i would also put the hook on the pedal. ive seen people actually use carpet to cover their boards, and then the hook will grip nicely to the board. looks a bit better than covering the board with velcro if you get some decent carpet.

i think the labels are fairly securely attached to the pedals and velcro shouldnt necesarily take it off. i would be more worried about the goop the velcro would leave behind on the pedal when you peel it off, but maybe thats just me.
Thanks jof1029, I think I will do that. As for the residue that the velcro leaves on the pedal, I've got some stuff that can take that off fairly easily, so I'm not too worried about it. Thanks again.