hey guy i just started learning to play guitar and i have a pretty weird question about my thumb.

how to explain well when i place my tumb on the middle of the neck of my guitar when playing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string it wants to stick out like this:

now im quiet new to the world of playing guitar and i don't know if its ok for your thumb to do this or not

also i got one more question. when playing guitar should my thumb always rest at the top of the guitar neck like so:

i know these are silly questions but id appreciate any answers i receive.

thank you very much

p.s also iam sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. i didn't see where else to post it.
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I do both. It doesn't really matter as long as you can form the chord correctly.
its ok if you can make it to learn but once you want to get faster and longer stretches then you shoule learn to put just the pad of your thumb on there and it acts like a pivot point and usually right in the middle of your hand position in the middle of the neck
Ideally the pad of the thumb should be in the middle of the back off the neck. This allows for maximum arch in your fingers which will allow you to play cleaner.
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thanks for your answers guys now im not quiet as worried about my thumb as before

now i got one last question hope nobody minds.

when playing should i have my palm of my hand rested on the back of the guitar with my thumb like this:

or should my thumb be alone back there kinda like this(not stright in the pic but just be on the neck like that):

or is this a personal preference thing

thanks again for the help hope this pics help a little
A guitar teacher would probably tell you to do the second one with your thumb pressed on the back of the fretboard to support the rest of your hand. I myself do that sometimes but other times I will wrap my thumb around the front of the fretboard (such as when I'm playing the D chord and muting strings) or just have it on the side when playing low frets. It pretty much comes down to what you feel comfortable playing unless you're really concerned about "correct" posture (or whatever the equivalent for a thumb is)
Keep your thumb behind the neck, except for bends and vibrato where you should keep it over the neck. Also, no thumb pressure, just keep it there loose.