I am playing a peavey vypyr and it has the tap delay and I am trying to play big sur moon which requires 300ms delay, How do i know if I have it set at the right interval... I don't even know what 300ms delay soulds like to figure it out?!?!?!?

Any help would be appreciated...

just tap it as fast as you can, that works well enough, 300ms is basically 3 repeats every second (roughly)

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You can also get into edit mode and tweak the delay knob until you see about 3 bps.
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Or... just play a couple seconds of the song and keep tweaking the delay until it sounds right.
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Big Sur Moon is definitely not 300ms delay. I play it all the time. 300ms is way too fast. I don't have a time readout on my delay (Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai) but I set it to about 3/4 of the way up on the 300ms + modulation mode. Just play the song and tweak the delay a little every time until you get it right.
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It's more like 270 ms if I remember right, but you can vary the ms amount to whatever you want as long as it doubles your notes in the correct intervals.
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