I want to buy a new guitar around my budget.
My budget is: 200 - 400 bucks.
My Gear:
Schecter Synyster Custom
Line 6 Spider II 75-Watt
Ibanez Gio Electric Guitar
15-Watt Ibanez Amp
1964 Goya G-20 Acoustic Guitar

Youtube: HeavenDown914 (Covers & All that Good Stuff)
i'd always recommend ibanez and esp ltd's (just nothing with a 50 in the model name)

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
I can offer you a Schecter C-1+ or an Ibanez RG2570evsl prestiege if your interested shoot me a message. Schecter is in decent condition and the Ibanez is in MINT along with the case.

PM me
ibanez s520ex. great condition with emg81 in the bridge and an hz in the neck. 350 shipped/pp'd
schecter damien 6

will ship. $300
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ibanez S470DX with D-activator pickups
it has ZR floating trem and im also including the orginal pickups
sell it for 300 shipped
Ibanez RGR320EX in blue arctic frost, w/ hard case and strap. $400. It's in great condition, tiny scratches on the headstock, a few scratches on the back, nothing major.
Schecter C-1 Classic in sunburst color. Gorgeous guitar, little damage if AND it has a set of black EMG 81 85's on it, it looks trully gorgeous and sounds really good. Let me know what you think. 400 bucks shipped