TURN UP THE BASS!!!! Dude the beginning is all about the crunchy bass

Vocals in the beginning sound like the guy from family guy the old guy.. but then it gets better

Guitar is awesome!! dude i <3 it

just a hint turn up the bass louder
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Thanks man! I appreciate it.

The bass is actually pretty loud - it's just it's not distorted (and Muse doubles the bassline with a keyboard, which thickens it up a lot). Do you have a subwoofer? It's horrible hard to hear any bass on laptop speakers and such.

BTW, the ZVex Fuzz Factory is awesome! I actually used it to record this song. It can definitely do some really crazy sounds, great fuzz pedal.
Yeah I think the bass is loud enough. I really like the vocals, it's interesting to hear someone else to be able to pull this off properly. Nice use of the ...damn whats that pedal named again. Tom Morello uses it in the Killing In The Name solo. Pardon me for my lack of memory.

All in all, I think it's a good cover. The only thing I could comment on is the bass playing, it seems a tad too staccato at times, but that is nothing that'll be too hard to work on. Great cover. How did you record?
That sounds bloody good!
Vocals are your own which I like!

Keep it up, It's awesome.
Thanks everyone!

And Jehuty, I recorded the full band in a studio at my University. It was part of a Recording Technologies class, but we were thrown right into recording without any real idea of what we were doing. But I think it turned out pretty well, it's my first recording!