I have been playing a lot of U2 lately, but I need a delay pedal so sound decent. I am looking for a delay pedal that can let me choose a specific delay time so i can get as accurate a tone as possible. I know the edge uses a really expensive pedal, but I dont want to spend more than $150. What are my best options?
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Some kind of digital delay

edit- maybe a DD-20? You can find them used for about $150

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Line 6 Echo Park.

I've never really been a big fan of Line 6 crap, but I got one a few weeks back, and it's actually pretty good. The setting are a bit touchy IMO, but it will definitely do what you want and has a bunch of stuff that is fun to mess around with.
Line 6 DL4 with the stereo delay. The edge uses stereo delay a lot for his sound so I would go with that. Plus the bonus is with the DL4 you'll get any other delay you'll ever want.