She walked in and tapped me on the shoulder. I immediately rose and shone.
"It's time to go," she said.
"I was having a nightmare," I told her.
"About what?"
"Well in the dream I'm in Hell, but it's just a large white room. Then Satan walks in, but not the traditional Satan with horns and a red tail. He's in a slim-fitting gray suit and he's attractive. I look to the corner of the room and there's a giant stove with a large frying pan on top. Inside the pan is everything I've ever loved - Dead pets, ex-girlfriends, childhood heroes, etc. In the other corner of the room is a large pit of fire. Dangling over the fire in a cage are my parents, crying and yelling for me. Satan gives me an ultimatum - Drop my parents to their death or fry up everything I've ever loved."
She moved to the doorway and stood there.
"What did you choose?"
"You woke me up before I had a chance to decide. Thank you for that."
She didn't flinch.
I stood up and grabbed the only two bags I had.
She left and I followed her down the steps to the front door.
She opened it for me and I stepped onto the patio. She began to walk inside.
"Why are you doing this?"
She said nothing.
"What did I do?"
"Then what's wrong?"
She turned to me.
"I also had a nightmare the other night. But I didn't wake you up so you could tell me that it would be alright."
Poor advice.
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