I'm guessing it would depend on what you sent it in for..
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well, sent mine in for a setup, neck adjustment, and bridge adjustment and it took 2 days ( i also brought in 3 other guitars tho), but the place i took it to does crazy good, quick, cheap work

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I was wondering how long it took you guys to get your acoustics back from repair?

Two years ago I purchased a Martin DX1 from GC. I brought it in for action adjustment and the luthier told me the neck was "goofy" and couldn't be adjusted there at the store, it would have to go back to Martin for a neck reset. GC sent the guitar back to Martin and it didn't come back for 4 months!!!! I was really PO'd at GC for not giving me another guitar and at Martin for not sending me a new one. The DX1 is made in Mexico. It sounded and played great in the store. Turned me off to Martin completely. I don't care how great their guitars are.