I'm not a Tele guru by any means, but the phrase, "vintage spec mounting" means that at least the bridge itself screws in exactly how a vintage bridge does. Since it's a string-through, I don't think I'd be going out on a limb to say that the string spacing is probably vintage spec too, or else you couldn't load strings into the bridge.

So I'd say it's probably not compatible. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone tells me I'm wrong.
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BTW: This is a bizarre URL for Telecaster fans. I'm told there was originally a site called "The Telecaster Discussion Page" (or TDP) but it apparently died. Someone resurrected it (or "Reissued" it) and that's how they ended up with TDPRI (Telecaster Dicussion Page Reissue).

Anyway, they guys over there can answer your question. Just don't use any 4-letter words and you'll be fine.
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