Well when I first got it at age 13, i thought it was great. But as I became a better player with a better trained ear, I realized that it's restricting. I didn't like any of the digital sounding tones, the generic drum loops (and how you have to buy more for variety), or the constant glitches. I have used it on several computers and have noticed certain parts of the software showing up blank or freezing. Also, being that it requires computer use, the computer adds hum to your signal - despite the "hum cancel" feature.

The hardware also started crapping out on me. I tried different gear, and always came out with a clipped sound. What I found most annoying, was the constant pops and clicks. Recording with terrible interference is bad when you ruin the quality trying to mix out the pops and clicks with something like audacity. Which i do recommend downloading audacity - because it's needed to convert the wav or ogg file you have to export from RiffWorks to say something useful like an mp3.

So to sum it up, I feel that the money spent on the product is better used in many other ways. I was disappointed with it, and just would not recommend it because using it made me angry every time, just like it is now how I remember the constant problems it caused. It's hard to be creative with that thing.
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It's good for getting ideas down.... demos even.... but it's hasn't got the quality to produce a 'double platinum'.
It's basically a developed 'dictophone' with effects and drum loops to back you... good for writing songs