So i'm building my first electric guitar with the help of my engineer dad. The body is made out of mahogany with a curly maple top. We have the body cut out, and we need to do the routing for the new pickups. I don't have much knowledge in pickups since i've only ever owned one guitar my whole life (im 18, been playing 6 years). I want a neck pickup and a bridge pickup. Thing is, I don't know which brand or make to get to get the needed sound i want. I want something that is good for heavy metal as well as something smooth when undestorted, like a santana sortof sound. Maybe an emg in the neck and a humbucker in the bridge? Any suggestions?
Ermmm what EMG pickup they make both single coil and humbuckers, also if you plan on using an EMG active then you should either use both active or both passive pickups no mix and matching. Maybe you should read up on pickups and how they differ to have a greater understanding of them.
No EMGs, put something special in there

Go Bare Knuckles perhaps, something like an Abraxas in the neck and a Holy Diver in the bridge.
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If you just want metal, EMGs are the way to go. If you want versatility, EMGs are the worst choice there is. Stay passive! DiMarzios or Seymour Duncans are the obvious choice. If you want to keep it cheap, take a look at GFS pickups. And then there is also Rockfield.
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