Hey, I'm wanting to run 2 cabs through 1 head on my guitar rig. I've got a Peavey 6505 head, a 8ohm 4x12 vader cab, and a 16ohm 4x12 krank cab. Is it possible to have this set up? My head can be set to 4,8, and 16ohms. How would i do this and what would I put my settings as?


Ps. I know this sounds like complete overkill of volume, but I ask that you please look past. I'm just curious.
I'm assuming your title is based on the failthread posted earlier.

I'm no expert on the matter, so take it with a grain of salt when I say it should probably be able to handle it. Make sure to flip the switch on the back of your amp to the 16ohms so it won't blow the krank.

Wait for some other responses first though before you go trying anything.
Hmmm, I think the 16 ohms would be the safer route than the 8ohms. Too bad there wasn't a 12 ohms setting. ha!

But in all seriousness, does anybody else have "the answer" for this?
Well sorry to break the bad news but you won't be able to use both, since they're mismatched. Either you'd need two 16 ohm cabs and set the head to 8 ohm or two 8 ohm cabs and set teh head to 4 ohm. But one 8 and one 16 won't work.
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in series = add them
in parallel = a * b / a + b

so in series you'd have 24ohm
in parallel you'd have 16 * 8 / 24 = 5.3333333333333333

so as they sit you probably wouldn't want to use either method... (if I'm not mistaken you actually can use more resistance than expected but not less -so 24ohms on an 16ohm head might be ok) BUT

rewiring one or the other could yield a fix situation... ie rewire the 8ohm cab to yield 16ohm and combine the two cabs in parallel to get 8ohms.

here's a nice link to a site than can tell you all you need to know about this...