So I'm having trouble with the chorus part of Crystal Mountain by Death. For some reason i cant get it smooth, so any fingerings or any tips would be appreciated?

Also, he plays it differently live, it looks like...so if someone has another way to play it, that would be helpful as well.

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Chuck played it starting at the 12th fret of the A string. Look up a different tab; the fingering is easier.
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To the TS, I'd recommend using the one-finger-per-fret method. Analyse the shapes, and then transfigure as to which set of fingers are necessary for each scalic phrase. This method is economical and efficient, and should ensure fluidity and control to a greater extent.
Look ahead to other phrases, and try to work out how to transition between the different sets of fingerings. Bar two sees use of a scalic position different to bar one - which consists of a standard 1-3-4 approach of fretting. Analyse both bars at first, and try to note where a possible position shift can take place to get you ready for those next eight notes.
Fluidity and cleanliness relies somewhat on looking ahead, and thinking of the next notes - interpreting what is to come, rather than what is present.
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