Hey UG,

I've tried many forums but they dont seem to help

I've been playing for at little over a year now, and I'm feeling as if I'm ready to start writing some simple songs. But when i go to get started, I feel like my playing doesn't advance in any way so i end up with the same crap over and over. I'm trying to write in the two pretty basic styles Pop-Punk/Emo(think Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Paramore) and a king of refreshed version of 80s style rock (think Bang Camaro)

I know all of the basic major, minor, and pentatonic scales but it feels like i dont know much else.

Can Somebody Please Tell Me What I Can Work On To Forward My Playing, and Give Me Some Tips On Writing In Those Styles.

I Know It Seems Like Alot to ask but if someone can help with anything please do so

Learn one of their songs, change the key, change the rhythm, change the tempo, the solo, the words.


also, ssticking to just pentatonics really limits you, try learning the WHOLE major scale, the WHOLE minor scale. Then learn what outside notes fit in a little more. learn chord consturction and arppegio shapes.

just practise and persist
Learn a bunch of songs in the style you want to write, and really dissect them and pull them apart and see how they work. Chord progressions, key changes, harmonies, rhythms, texture, flow, contrast, instrumentation, arrangement, structure, repetition etc theres heaps of things to think about. So just rip the songs apart, find what you like about them and what makes them work, apply it to your own songs and don't stop writing.
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