I've just picked up drums and have been mixing recordings of my guitarwork and drumwork together, but my guitarwork doesn't sound right without some heavy doublebass as most metal material has.

Now, I've got a complete POS 5-piece kit that I'm trying to bring up to par bit by bit, so making things from scratch isn't out of my league, but does anybody have ideas for making a second kickpedal with a "swingarm," for lack of better terminology on my part, to attach to the single kick i've already got? Again, completely from scratch makes for an interesting project.

any suggestions are welcome, THX
Now sure if this will give a real doublekick feel, but, If you copy your kicks sound, in your DAW, then move it 1 second, or however fast you want your kicks to be.
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I've got a suggestion. Buy a double kick pedal. Unless you have your own metal machining workshop?

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The "swingarm" as you call it, is probably the easiest bit. basically a driveshaft with universal joints on each end. the left pedal works a bit differently than the right.
instead of having the beater directly attached to the eccentric, a transmission shaft protrudes from the right side of the bearing assembly.

the right pedal assembly is the trickiest of all. the right beater is directly driven, the left beater is mounted on a pivot assembly that also has the return spring. this is coupled to the drive shaft that's on the opposite side of the bearing. but you need support in the center, between the two beaters. the two shafts are connected in a way that provides mutual support, but allows each to rotate independently. Best to do a careful examination of a pedal to see how this works.

If you plan to try making something like this, you'll need access to some metal fabrication equipment. You won't be able to put this together with just items found at a hardware store or home center.
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