Well this is the first thing i've written in months so... I don't expect much

Look around me
I'm surrounded by
And all I see
Is doomed to be
forever engulfed
In grey

We put our faith into a coin

A cheated toss
A shameless loss
Of all we once had had
Our so called pride
We strived to hide
Was lost back in the day

We brought this one on ourselves

A nameless tag
Is our burden to wear
The spoils of our defeat
Our thoughts are enslaved
Submissive to the grave
Save for the elite

It's getting harder to see the sun

I worry I'm going insane
But It'd be a break from the mundane
I close my eyes
If I can't see it it won't seem so bad
I covered my ears
To refuse second hand enlightenment

Now the sun is gone, thank God
It illuminated what We'd done