I would like to get some more input on how im doing.

The last cover i put up eas a contest for another guitar forum, and i only had an hour to practice it, The Kids Aren't Alright, so you can ignore that. Anyways i wanted to know what all of you think because i know there are a lot of viewers here.


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There are other guitar forums?

Honestly, I'd say you're not too bad, but you need to work on songs longer, to get them sounding cleaner and flowing better. Also, on some of the songs, it sounds like you don't know them properly, and you're having to think about what note comes next, rather than just moving instinctively.

As for improving, perhaps speed-training? Songs like Sweet Child Of Mine you might find easier to perfect if you play the riff slowly to start with and build up to full speed, maybe using a metronome to make sure you keep a steady tempo. That way your fingers can learn the song and where they're meant to move to properly, and you'll find it sounding better after a while.

Overall though, you don't sound too bad, so keep up the good work

Oh, and I don't like your tone, but that's just me