What do you care if your friend says you'll regret it?

YOU try it out for yourself. YOU sit there for a couple of hours in the store seeing what it can do. YOU'RE going to be the one who's going to be playing it for years to come.

The decision is down to you and how it feels to you.
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Blackrat has won this thread. That is an awsome post.

This was posted right after I posted said post in a completely different thread... Whups.

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after a pickup change mine kicked ass
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The deluxe is nothing but gold finished stuff.

just get the normal one if you get one.
Maybe your friend doesn't really know what he is talking about.
Go and try the guitar yourself and see if it matches your style.
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Is there any difference between the Deluxe and the regular dot? Other than the cheap gold hardware and the Flame top. It seems wierd that they are both the same price...
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I actually like the studio version better then the standard, and it's cheaper. You might want to check it out. I played one in GC and it was pretty kickass, and it looked great (worn Cherry)
Don't believe your friend about not buying an Epi, I've got one, I love the thing, sounds good, plays well, etc etc.
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Its a sick guitar, maybe invest in a pickup change in the future, but it stays in tune incredibly well, it works great clean and dirtied up. Don't listen to your friend
They are nice, I played an Epi Dot Studio at my friends house unplugged and I couldn't put it down