I now own a fender squier stratocaster and i am looking for a new amp around 250-300 euros

i play mostly stoner rock, hardrock, alternative, metal
- kyuss
- metallica
- tool
- queens of the stone age

im also currently in a beginning stoner rock / alternative band

so i came up with a line6 spider 3 75watt it seemed to me like a good option, and apparently, i tested my guitar @ my friends spider 2, can make it sound really good. but when contacting my local guitar shop i found out theyre not dealin line 6 but when playing on the by him suggested vox valvetronic AD30VT-XL 30watt (wich is if u ask me to low watt to gig but anywhays) but on that the fender sounds like utter bullcrap with distortion up. so i got suggested that he takes in my fender 2th hand and i would take up a guitar more for my style and probably a more expensive vox

now the billing report sais

spider 3 - 279 euros
new guitar and vox - around 550 minus old guitar taken back 400 euros

so honestly i need some help / suggestions what to do here so i dont get ripped of :P

also is 30watt vox actually to weak for gig?
Ok first of all you're going to hear a lot of people telling you to stay away from the Spider and i have to agree with them. Forget about changing your guitar to suit the amp, thats bullsh*t, just get an amp that does what you want. I'd reccomend something like this:
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30 watts is plenty to gig with, and if it isnt you can always mic it.

and your going to get flamed for liking the spider 3, its not that bad but it does sound bad for the price. once your ear for tone develops you will grow to not like it.
Agreed. You seem to be picking (or suggested to you) the most unsuitable amps for your needs. A used valve combo, if you can find one, or stretch a bit to a Kustom Defender 50w or Peavey Valveking 112, would cover your needs much better than almost any SS amp made in the last 25 years.
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