I see a used guitar I want on MF that's a good $70 off. Now it says its like new, a customer return that's virtually indistinguishable from the new product and may only have damaged packaging. Listed as condition 1.

Would it be safe to buy this? I'm usually wary of used or refurbished electronics and that sort of item, but the description makes it seem like there's nothing to be worried about. Of course I want a new guitar without scratches or wear on it, though packaging wear is fine. Would this be worth the saved money, or is it too risky? Anyone here bought a condition 1 from MF before?
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If you're going to be buying used guitars then it's almost always recommended that you check the guitar out first before you buy it if that's not possible then you really need to ask for pictures lots and lots of clear pictures. If that's not possible then I wouldn't do it since you could get anything in the world.
Well $70 off a $250 guitar is not to be sneezed at. But $70 off a $1000 guitar is not a lot. Is the warranty still valid and whole? Can you get accurate description of any damage IN WRITING?
These are the issues, providing that the reduced price is from a competitive base and not overpriced to start with. Look around at other suppliers to be certain.
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The guitar is $700 new. It costs that on every website I've seen too. Musiciansfriend says no manufacturer warranty, but it has some "45 day guarantee." Unfortunatley they generalize all of their used stuff into condition levels, so nothing specific to the guitar, but it says virtually like new with only packaging affected. Not sure if I can really trust that though, hence this thread.


Here's the guitar. I really like the features and red finish. They don't have pictures of it, but it is available, new and used. But yeah, I was mainly hoping someone here ordered a condition 1 guitar and can vouch for the accuracy of their claims.
Just go into like guitar center and haggle the 70 bucks off then. Much better as you get a new instrument and you get to try it before you buy it.