Hi, I have found two effects that interest me:

the zoom G2:


and the Zoom G2.1U:


Now, I like the look/sound of these effects, my question is:

The G2.1U is almost twice as expensive as the G2, is it just because of the Wah Pedal, or are there other things that are better?

I ask this because I already have a Wah pedal and it wouldn't be worth it for me.

Also, do you know any effects similar to the Zoom G2 but better (for under 250 dollars)?

Thanks in advance.
The G21U is better, it can be used as an audio interface for recording, a tuner and a drum machine that can be used as a metronome and it includes a pretty good piece of recording software. If you're not into recording I'd advise looking into a digitech RP90 or something like that.
I have the Zoom G2.1U. I like it. But, I just replaced it with a Peavy Vypyr 75. It sounds much better than the Zoom pedal. The Zoom sounds very digital to me now. If your looking for effects modeling for under $250, then I'd suggest getting a Vypyr 30W.
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