Hi, please can someone tell me which model is this yamaha guitar (I mean the name ofit, like "Yamaha SG2000"). I try to find it on the internet, i find yamaha sg serie which is quite similar, but this must be something like special edition or discontinued model. Plaese someone help, I'll be really happy if you do. Thank you.


It might be a v early Yamaha SG. Maybe a prototype :O
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Its a Yamaha SG 35 (made 1973 to 1974) or a 35a (made approx 1974 to 1976)
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Its a Yamaha SG 35 (made 1973 to 1974) or a 35a (made approx 1974 to 1976)

yes, this is it. thank you very much. btw. Do you know if it's a good guitar?
According to one of my books the Yamaha SG 2000 was one of the first guitars that "convinced musicians that the Japanese could produce an instrument comparable to the best from the West". I suppose you could lump yours in with that statement but if you are interested in how much they go for one is for sale on E Bay at the moment so you could have a look at how much it goes for.