i improvise and improvise over that and repeat all the improv until i like it ( im a studio guitarist if you can call what i have a studio, cus my band sucks)
and write based on what i get
what do you people do
i just wanted new methods
i just sit down and just jam away, and if theres something i like the sound of i stick with that and just expand it till i got a song, easiest way i reckon
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I take a short 4 or 5 chord progression I like, and solo over that, then usually throw in some keyboard or organ over that. By the time those 2 parts are added I can feel the breaks in the songs, and know where I should put the chorus. I get a new progression for that and split everything up, and work from there splitting everything into sections and adding new parts until I feel it's so layered anymore sound would cause it to burst. My last 3 minute song had 11 different instruments/synth patches.
just jam, i would put together anything that sounds good...then i usually have a song i am happy with lol
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Multiple methods for me...

Sometimes i sit in front of guitar pro... and experiment till i find that something sounds good. Then I add bass, drums and other instruments along with other sections (usually takes about 1-2 hours).

Other times I write lyrics, then write music based around them.

Or i jam on my guitar till i find something good... and then stick that in guitar pro.

OR... if i'm 'lucky'... i'll wake up at 4am in the night and have to record my sudden inspiration on a dictophone.

I stick everything in guitar pro at the end (so i have a copy of it).... and it's ready to record!
I've written loads of lyrics, so we usually jam till we have a song with at least 3 main parts, like a verse or intro-verse, chorus, and bridge/solo. After we have an instrumental arrangement that by itself rocks, then we dig through my lyrics and find something that suits the music. It's pretty efficient.

What do you think of the band name Doomsday Arsenal?
Doomsday Arsenal - alternative/progressive
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I learned this from my guitar teacher. Get a big note book. When your playing and you make a riff you that you like, write it in the book and date it. Then lets say 3 years from now you write something look back in the book and they go good together......you get the idea.
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Record yourself playing a song. Play it back, and just warble until you come up with something good, or a good melody for the vocals.
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I write lyrics and then make up cool sounding acoustic stuff to go along with it.
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when i write lyrics i think of something that interests me, think up one good line, and go from there, when i feel inspired it comes easy... usually. Although i find it hard to make up a melody for them.
this may sound kind of cliche but:

don't copy anybody. write from the heart and it'll come out great.

If you write to appeal to trends it'll show and the music will definately be generic and washed up.

Only time you should reject a riff is when it sounds bad to YOU and only you, or it is literally note for note the same as another riff, or noticeably close to one.

If you try to hard to be completely innovative and original, it may show, depending on your success, because anything forced will show. Write what comes natural.
Check out the video on youtube with John Mayer called "In Repair - One Song, One Day." His method is very refreshing and natural, and the song speaks for itself in terms of the quality of results you'll have. One of his best songwriting examples.
Doomsday Arsenal - alternative/progressive
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the musical side is fairly easy i think, but for the vocal line i use my guitar over the structure i already have that way i know its in key. i just faff around until i get something i like for the musical part. it always helps to have an idea about what you want before, whether that be subject or sound.

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I tend to go do things that invoke creativity wthin me, like listening to a lot of music and go joggin, etc. Things that get my brain going, you know?

Then riffs just start coming to me, and i think of really cool riffs in my head.

If I can, i write them down, but it sounds so intricate in my head, its hard to get the exact sound down.

Usually, my band writes the instrumental part of the song first, and then vocals come later. However, im trying to experiment with the other way around and see what I get.
you can create a vocal ability and craft a guitar part to fit it, or start with a guitar part and add a vocal melody. IDK if there's another way to do it.
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