hey guys

wonder if you could help.

my line 6 spider 3 amp has just stopped working.... my guitar is working because tried it on another amp and i have changed different leads to se if it faulty lead but no that is alright as well. my amp just wont have any noise come out of it.

i put the master volume up on max (blow away my street if worked!)and you can hear this fuzzing sound just about, if i pluck a string, still nothing

it looks in tact from outside but yeah, any suggestions?

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hard to tell what it is from just that. take it back to the shop that you got it from and ask what they can do. if they can't fix it get a refund or a replacement.

it could possibly be the input jack? have a look, see if anything seems out of place, although i dont know what it would look like if everything was in place. not that you can see a great deal through an input jack...
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well got it off ebay, but had it over a year now and it been fine..... but ok thenwill have a look and see if it the problem, thanks.

My names Trevor and I hate to say it, but I have a very small penis.
My advice would be not to try and fix it. Or fix it via throwing it off a bridge.
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New amp time. Sorry, but solid state amps are notorious for being more expensive to fix then to just buy a new amp.
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best way is to take it to a professional - could be an number of things from a simple dodgy input jack to a speaker to transformer to a capacitor blowing in the amp somewhere.
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well just had a look and couldnt find anything out the ordinary, going to take it to see if it is going to be cheap, if not then off the bridge it goes and ill get another amp aha.

any cheapish and good amps to get guys?....... i want a marshall lol any cheap ones of them>

My names Trevor and I hate to say it, but I have a very small penis.
The spiders are known for this either they get weird and do things you dont want em to or just quit. The only people who can really fix em is line6. It is possible the the solder connections for the input jack to the PCB are bad. If its not that then its time to look for another amp. Try to avoid buying something because the price is low enough, its better to spend some bucks when it comes to an amp especially if you want a big one.
ok then, well havnt got a job at moment =/ no ****ing jobs around!!! and mom and dad not really going to splash some cahs, hard time =/ so **** it, no amp for a while aha ! im going to mash my amp up just for quitting on me! -_-

My names Trevor and I hate to say it, but I have a very small penis.
The Caps could be frazzled,check the connection cables from the circuitry to speaker.
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