Hi, I've recently just bought myself a new Ibanez RG 350 DX, and I've decided to try to customise my old electric, a really awful beginner's guitar made by some unheard of company.

Since it's a really cheap guitar I don't mind pulling it apart and risk breaking it, so I was wondering if you have any advice on what sort of changes I could make to improve it? It's a Strat shape guitar, with three normal single coil pickups. I already have a spare Humbucker that came with my Ibanez which I will put it.

Cheers in advance.
Well, to put the humbucker in you'd need to do some routing in the bridge position (I assume you'd put it there) Obviously, buy and replace the single coils, re-finish it, different pick gaurd, new hardware, new bridge. Just some suggestions.
New tuners too. The ones that come on cheap guitars usually suck.
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you buy buy a new body or strip it down (sand off all the finishes and paint) then you can do whatever you want with it and make it your own design
Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely sand it down and refinish it... not sure if I want to buy much extra stuff though, haven't got any money left after buying the Ibanez. :p