so, I just finshed watching Memento and...I'm pretty fucking confused. Anyone else see this movie? And help me in explaining this paradoxical plot? For instance, in the end (well I should say beggining), Teddy says that the main character killed his wife, not the killer he's chasing after. I am very confuzzled.
He's the killer after all. He sets up clues to get himself to kill, and since he forgets everything, in a matter of seconds he'll have no idea he set it all up himself. So he basically chose the target, set a few preliminary clues up, waited to forget everything, and began the manhunt not knowing that he himself set the guy up.

I haven't seen it in a really long time, but that's what I remember.
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Basically there was an attack, but Leonard himself accidentally killed his wife by giving her an insulin overdose as a result of his condition. Him and Teddy found and killed the attacker, but Leonard realised he had no other purpose in life and therefore wrote himself fake clues to find another attacker and kill him as well.
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Watch it again.
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Man, this is one of the best movies ever!! really, the amount of thought work put it into creating a film like this is astounding..

Anyway, like some of the others have said, there was an attack that led him to attain a state of short term memory loss.. As a result, he accidentally killed his wife by insulin overdose. He and Teddy, went on to kill Jim (correct me if i'm wrong with the name..) and then Leonard thought he had no purpose in life anyway, so he decided to make Teddy the next victim.. And set up the clues accordingly.. i.e, "Don't believe his lies"..
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Damn, I need to see the film again. I barely picked up on any of that, aside fromhim killing his own wife with the insulin.
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