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Family Tree (hidden deep in the forest)

The branches sway heavy
with their own little secrets
We hide skeletons under our home
And my sister won't realise
That paint chips aren't flavoured
As she sleeps in the dark all alone

The dishes are dirty
With no soap in the water
We take turns to clean up the mess
But my father's no figure
Sentimental... so mental
But he won't give us up in the end

My mother spills spirits
With her own inner sweetness
She tells me that everthings fine
Excuse me if I'm being
Under dramatic
But I'm so sick of living this lie.

I grew old underneath your gaze

Childhood leaves litter the floor with nostalgia,
of florist nightmares and late-night horror movies
culminating in an after-dinner crooked skeleton calcium ad.
His owl eyes glowed like talcum powder in the dark,
like magical pixie dust sprinkled like butter over rice.
Mom kept warning that I put too much, and I did.
It didn't taste nearly half as bad. I hurriedly finished my meal
to catch whatever what was next, whatever it was,
the great big bespectacled whale of unknowns.
But he's friendly, and will gladly take me in,
and show me around, and show me the cogs and gears
of tinkerbell brains. They chimed and made a nice sounds.
Gradually, I replaced them with old antiques,
and built a tower, the top of which I placed an old chuch bell,
to alert the citizens of this senior ghost town.

Red Man Chew

I've tired of chewing.
My molars have been grinding the
echoes of his strength,
(he once took a bullet for my freedoms
and I'm afraid of paper cuts).

I'll never swallow the footprints.
They're too big of a bite;
and I'm still growing into my adult teeth
(they just aren't ready to fill big shoes).

So I'm tiring out my jaw,
just hoping for a taste of
all the love he'd given,
all the justice he'd delivered,
all the respect he deserved.
Just hoping that one day,
to be as much of a man as he was.
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Quote by Våd Hamster
Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
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