haazzaarr today i was unbanned, and feel like posting a few things i really wanted to during my ban, 1. kensai i love you.
that asside, ive recently ordered my first 7 string, a black knight RS 50 Z7, licensed floyd rose, 24 frets, oil black finish, should be here on friday, so in the pits vast lack of experience, whats ur opinions on seven strings? i plan on tuning to drop a, so i have a full normal EADGBe to play everything i normally play on it, but also be able to fo heavy one finger drop d but lower riffing with the AEA strings, thoughts? reckonmendations? or perhaps some tunings u think i should try

any help apreciated, as ive only ever played a seven string 2ce and both time tuned to standard BEADGBE
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