It's awesome man, lovin' the vocals and the guitar work is good to. I had no idea people all the way in the UK knew about OLP
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I'm not in college, but i'd imagine the parties like the ones I just downloaded...

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vagelier and PinkFender_69 are actually pretty dope
Hey, one of those people is me!

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Thanks alot...

Aye, They're certainly not that big over here though....which is a shame cause theyre awesome.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Not bad at all. I forget about OLP all the time haha, but they're a good band. Your vocals are pretty good, especially in the chorus, though you sound kind of shy in the verse. The guitar playing is nice as well, though I'd like to hear a bit more of it in the song overall. I'm assuming you're probably not recording on anything too extravagant though, so for what you've got it sounds good. I like the harmony in the vox too. Crit me?