Hi guys. Its been a while since I've really made a song, but I've started writing one that's fairly decent. I have the guitar pro file, MIDI, and a sample of the end riff. Mind you this is not exactly viking metal, but inspired by bands like Amon Amarth. The solo needs reworking (and retabbing because I'm not that great with notation). The intro is a lot better when actually played by the orchestral VSTs and what not. Keep that in mind.

I will comment your work if you comment mine (and no bull****, "ya its good, comment mine" comments).

(the MP3 sample will be in my profile).
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Hey dude this actually has some really great parts to it!

The tone is set well at the beginning with the strings and flute playing together so it gives the guitar a really good kick in . However this starts to feel a bit overused after the first two verses but I guess that would be different if there were singing etc.

I love the melody you have at the chorus, with the odd rhythm at the beginning but then the melodic part with all the other synth and stuff is really good. The number of bars you have for each chorus is 9 I think and it seems quite odd but if that's the way you intended it, don't let me stop you .

The riff after the second chorus sounds pretty epic too but you have a harsh tempo change and drop that riff altogether - what you could do is, leave the tempo the same and have that riff play underneath with another guitar while the higher part plays with the synth. (I won't blame you if you don't get what I mean by that but I was going to ask if I could perhaps play around with this and add a drum track in?)
Also noticing that riff gets kinda' samey too, think up some variation.

So far so good man, add a drum/bass track and I'm pretty sure it'll sound awesome . Just make sure to keep the riffs fresh and not to overuse them (e.g verses 1 & 2?). 8/10