Hi all, first post so please forgive if I mess up.

I have a Line 6 Foor Pod which is fine for my use (home practise & recording, small gigs) which I run into a Laney HCM65R combo. I've had it for a few weeks and mostly am happy with the amp sims etc.

I've been reading lots about the Vox Tonelab ST and wondered if anyone has directly compared its tones to the floor pod? I'm wondering if that tube really does add a massively better tone. Whilst I'm happy with the pod, I can hear that harshness sometimes that people seem to rag on so much in forums.

The floor pod functionally seems more versatile - I love the dual mode where the switches can be used as 'stompboxes' and that the wah is toe-switching - even though it has less FX overall. The usb thing's not an issue as I use Line6 Gearbox for direct recording anyway.

The decision: Floor pod or Tonelab ST? Advice if you can, por favor!
to be honest, i don't think it will give you that much of a boost to warrant spending the $300-or so that it requires. it is not that much better than the pod series (i haven't actually tried the floor pod, but the older, standard ones)
seeing as you already own the pod, i wouldn't recommend altering something as minor as that.
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Angry's comment is helpful - anyone like to add anything else? Replies appreciated, peeps, as I need to make a decision - a mate is interested in buying the floor pod & if the Vox is deemed to be better in some ways I might give it a try...
Seeing as noone has bothered replying to this besides AngryGoldfish...I upgraded to a floor pod plus and was shocked to discover that I felt the tone was not as good as my floor pod!! I couldn't compare them side by side but on first powering it up and every subsequent play I had a gut reaction that the tone felt very flat, lifeless and processed. Maybe I had a bad one...anyway I bought a used vox tonelab st from ebay - OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! The tone was WAY better on everything - that tube really does seem to make a difference!!!

Initial impressions: The Vox slays the Line6 products on warmth and general 'feel' of tones; the vox is able to create great tones for all its amp models - contrary to what I've read elsewhere and what dealers have told me, the vox is also able to do full on face melting metal tones, except with more warmth and clarity than the pods I had; and the tube really does seem to make a big difference. I'm lovin' the AC30 amp models, the Soldano high gain and the various cleans which with a little chorus and reverb sound crystalline and beautiful...

I do feel the line 6 pedals had the edge on the effects though - the wah in particular on the vox is often harsh and has a pronounced kink in the sweep on some amp models, the line 6 was better overall at this; and the other FX seemed easier to dial in on the line 6. The vox is tweakable though and I have found it very useable, so the gains in tone outweigh the losses in performance flexibility. I'm getting a Kustom tube amp later this week and am hoping that will improve the juiciness of the vox even more - I'll post my thoughts when I've tried it!

Apologies to anyone who thinks I'm just trying to bump here...clearly I'm not. Hope this is of help to someone as I couldn't find any clear opinions comparing these pedals. Not sure if my FPP was duff, maybe so, but over both Line 6's the vox stood head and shoulders in terms of quality of tones, and it's that one I'm keeping. Considering the quality of the wah and the physical issues, ie that the pods can function as stompboxes too, I think the st is a little overpriced at the moment - it should cost the same as the FPP at the most. It's still the best value of them all for me though because the tones are just GORGEOUS.
A Vox convert I am!!
Congratulations, mate! I suppose my advice was not for the best, after all. I'm very glad it worked out, though. I still believe Vox are in among the top five greatest amps makers in the world, arguably the best British.

Is it the Kustom Coupe you are getting? Let me know how they sound as I've heard very little from them, even though they're often advertised in various countries.