Im looking to get back into it after a long time out. What clubs are the best value? I
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Sorry, wrong adress. the old men's club is next door.

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i can drive like a mutha, but i find the rest of the game boring, i like hitting up the driving range every so often.

great, but im just looking for recommendation on golf clubs
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great, but im just looking for recommendation on golf clubs

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used to play but i found it to be a expensive irratating sport
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I love golf, and I hate golf. This will be my senior year on our high school golf team.

Best clubs for the price would be pretty much anything except, Callaway, and some Nike.

Titleist has some things in a reasonable price, but some things that aren't.

Taylormade has really good irons, I have some myself. Mizuno is also a great brand for irons. Nickent has really good hybrids, but I don't own any. Ebay is your friend.

You can PM me if you have any questions.
Gotta love golf.

The only sport in the world where you play to relax on the weekend and get away from the hectic working week, but once you leave the golf course, you feel more insignificant, frustrated and worthless than when you came.
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I'm scottish... but still no :O
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I want to, but all I have right now is two clubs, a backyard, and a bunch of golf balls I found in the woods near the golf course.
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callaway and some nike clubs are usually expensive and not the best value. most other brands have good value priced irons and such. It all depends on how they feel to you. a good friend of mine is one of the top golfers in the state and he has a 1700 dollar set of irons, but i hit my 400 dollar set much better.
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