I found it in my friend's basement. He didn't want it, so I took it home, sanded off a bit of the body, and found it to be plywood. The pickups barely work, the tuners are **** and its trem is standard ****, but i wanted to see if I could make a little project out of it. Thing is, I wanna know if I'm wasting my time because of the plywood. Any help?
i would scrap,chip it or run it over with a lawn mower
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You probably are wasting your time and money with it.

The minimum you should probably projectify is Squier level or similar. Anything less than that is probably going to suck and be a waste of time and money.
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Plywood doesn´t necessarily sound awful, but it certainly isn´t durable. I have one plywood guitar that I love the tone of.
How is the neck? Any notes fret out? If the neck is good, you really might want to consider scrapping the body and making a new one out of solid wood. That's a good project to get you into modding, and should be cheap, with just the price of the wood and finishing supplies as long as you know someone who has the proper equipment. And you can upgrade electronics as you wish.
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If you didnt have to spend money on the guitar to make it playable then its wouldnt be a terrible project, and its alot better to screw up a plywood guitar learning to mod. But buying new tuners, pickups, bridge etc for this project is money down a hole.