We are a relatively new band from Norway, and our genre is symphonic metal with elements from folk, black, doom metal, etc.

We are currently working on our second demo, which will be superior to the first one in both sound quality and composition. One of the songs is already up on our Myspace-page (Black Heart's Labyrinth) , the other 2 will come when they're finished. We also have some live-videos on Youtube.

The current line-up is as follows:

Frøya Myrxdottir - Vocals
Herman Flaaten - Bass
Bård Thorstensen - Synth
Joakim Nilgard - Guitar
Kenneth Fjellbu - Drums
Holy crap you guys are awesome! All aspects of your band is top-notch. My favorite song was "The Awakening" but I liked them all. Can't wait to hear more from you all! I'll definitely spread the word about you all.
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