just finished up this song, its in my profile so check it out. its called no name yet because, well....it has no name yet. tell me what you think
That sounds great, Its like a blues jazz type of thing, with a bit of 80's rock in there. The only thing I would fix on there is the fret buzz on the beginning lead guitar, mabey add some distortion to it.

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the more i listen to this song the more i feel like it needs some serious work or scrapping . it seems like the transitions, especially the one going into the solo, are really bad. im surprised no one has said anything about this yet. is this song far too choppy or am i being too harsh on my own work?
yeah you're being a little rough on yourself. could it be better well yeah but that can be said of most of the stuff (including mine) that is posted here. that major transition about a minute in is really rough and needs to flow better. when the 2nd guitar part at the beginning comes in its rather flat tonally and playing wise. the notes are ok but the playing lacks feeling or dynamics however you want to view that. the song has potential so keep at it its worth some further tinkering. my stuff is in my sig.
hey man, cool song. it reminded me of the velvet underground. good playing and tone, and the recording wsent that bad. i kept waiting for some kind of chord change though, and it was the same sound for the most part up untell that 127 mark. i would put in a diff progression somewehere in the middle of that just to give it a change up there. otherwise it was great. after a re-write this has some good potential. i like the change up at 127 or so when you use a diff tone or whatnot. good jab man.

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