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I was looking into getting a Michael Kelly guitar either a patriot or a vex but i was wondering do this guitar have good built quality? And have good reliability? As they are cheap for what you get! Thanks.
ive tried them they are great. the vex is set thru which gives huge sustain. I like the pups on them as well. Finishes are impecable. Didnt like the patriots shape but its great value.
They seem to be really cheap for what they offer. At my local Steves, theres a MK guitar, OFR, 24 frets, Nice finish, and played really well. All this for within $600.
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i've been playing a MK patriot custom for about 9 months now i switched out the stock PUPs for seymour duncans ( a pearly gates in the neck, '59 model in the bridge) and it has sick tone. i like it because it sounds different from more mainstream brands, plus everyone is always like "what kinda guitar is that its sick!" i'd highly recommend