Hey, i've been playing guitar for about a year now, and i've found myself in a bit of a slump. i can't expand my playing. i've been playing bass for 9 years, and i just made the switch to guitar a year ago, which meant that i had the techniques down very fast, and i am much more advanced then your average from-scratch guitar player. i've been trying to improve my improvisation and soloing, yet everything comes back to the same licks and riffs in different places on the fretboard. i feel like i can't express what i'd like to when i play, and throwing in anything out of the norm completely ****s me up.

has anyone else experienced this, or have any advice on the subject? am i just not experienced enough to move on? thanks for hearing me out.
Learn more theory and scales, and if you not in a band, join one. They do wonders to your playing.
Buy pedals and effects that'll make your tone weird but cool.
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Try going to the channel 'guitarjamzdotcom' on youtube. That guy has all sorts of little riffs to help change up your solos.
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Start thinking about the sound you want to create and listen to what comes out...don't just move your fingers mindlessly and hope for the best. Remember, you control the guitar, not the other way round.
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