I uploaded a sing a few dys ago, and got some good feedback, people saying i should add more to the main bit, and i thought a reverse guitar effect would be good.
so i have uploaded a new demo of it, and just wondering how you feel about the reverse guitar effect, im not the best at it so bare that in my mind. I think for my 1st time experimenting with the reverse effect it could work, any advice?

song in profile, thanks

PS. I think the reverse guitar effect sounds fine after 10 secs, before that i know doesnt sound that great
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It sounds pretty cool, almost as if you are using a slide, but some parts sound detuned.

will still work on it, im just not the best at reverse guitar effects, and to me when i listened to it i thought it could work but at the same time i thought it could not work as well, if you catch my drift.