I know I haven't been on here in a long time, I took a while off of guitar because of some wrist problems I was developing because of bad playing technigues (Which have now been corrected)

Anyways, my last attempt at a build, besides being crappy where it was, got ruined due to water absorbtion, so I'm gonna use the mistakes I made in that one to make a new, hopefully better, guitar.

But my question is, what easily obtainable wood would work for making a semi hollow? Preferably the kind that has a solid wall of wood running from strap pin to where the neck meets, not jsut a wood bluck under the bridge... I had originally thought pine, since it's a nice tonewood and would probably only sound better semi-hollow, but its strength brought worries... I was thinking oak, would that hold up well enough? I'll be using a Tune-O-Matic and stopbar, if that makes any difference

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated
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Mahogany, ash, maple, alder, etc, see the tonewood thread.

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