i havent been classical for too long so im still in search for the perfect nail shape. My question is, How do dead strings sound like exactly? do the trebles start to sound more scratchy?? or could it be my nails? its been a few weeks and i dont wanna start shaping my nails differently if its just the strings.... thx
uhh ok but do they sound scratchy cuz they werent when i first put the strings on...
could be your nails, but you should notice if you have rough nails. could be an issue with your guitar. could be that what you mean by "scratchy" is the normal sound of moving up and down the wrapped strings, which does sound sort of scratchy, but even the finest players in the world get that sound.
oh im sorry, i meant scratchy when plucking the trebles and my nails are always smooth
Scratchy? Like... a scraping sound?
Try picking a string with a pick. If it's still scratchy, then it's the strings. Most likely it's your nails, though.
Make sure you file your nails until they are glass-smooth (underside too)