Alright I'm selling my multi-fx pedal as I just can't seem to connect and dial in a decent tone (Korg AX1500g) when connected to my Fender Hot Rod. It just doesnt have that oomph for me, although I haven't been playing a great deal of time (7ish or so months ).

I'm aiming to try and get a decent setup of individual pedals together. I'll be getting one by one as they are expensive and my monies needs to go elsewhere too . I've already started with a overdrive pedal (set me back £70). Although I'll be getting most effects sometime eventually, I would love to know how you guys priotise your important effects and what effects you use alot , phaser, flanger, EQ's?, delays? Brands need not be named but wouldnt mind knowing what to look out for brand wise for each effect in the future .

So then, what are your must have pedal effects!
For me, my Akai Headrush E2 is used almost every time I play. It's a looper and a delay, and since I do a lot of post-rock/ shoegaze stuff, it's pretty important for me.

Also, a good delay is extremely important in my opinion. I like the warmth and dark, saturated repeats of analog delays, but digital ones are nice for more clean, sterile repeats. I use an MXR Carbon Copy and a Boss DD-6, but I'm upgrading the Carbon Copy to something warmer sounding.

I could make some lame searchbar joke, but instead I'll just tell you that this thread has been done many times before.

Either way, I actually am the same as nightraven. Gain-based effect, reverb, analog delay, and chorus for cleans is all I need.
I need nothing mire than a tube amp and a noise suppressor.
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the BOSS duel-chorus simulator on my digitech rp-90. The real thing is probably much better, but i think they discontinued it. It really tightens up my dis/od and gives it more crunch, but also makes my cleans sound great.
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I like my MI Audio Blues Pro, Its an amazing OD with a fuzz switch. Aside from that I use my Carbon Copy delay and Dunlop Wah a lot too.
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Wah - Distortion - Fuzz

thats all I need

and compressor for smooth cleans : )
Dunlop Slash Wah - Bought
MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC-402 Boost/Overdrive - In need of
Digitech Hardwire RV-7 Reverb - I need of

Boss TU-2

Line 6 - M16 for everything else!

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Currently I only have a distortion (rat), because I have no money, but my ranking of pedals (starting with most important) are -

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You def. want an analog chorus. I highly recommend the Ibanez CS9- I love mine, and if you have a guitar with some good pups and a sweet amp, it sounds even better.

I also like the Morely Bad Horsey II- its not a traditional wah, but its pretty good with its instant response
Dont know if I could play without the NS-2, I have a budget stack, so noise can be an issue. My favorite is the Verbzilla, and the Org. Crybaby Wah
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Wah, Delay, OD.
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Get yourself a nice delay and a versatile fuzz and everything else is up to you.


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1. Tuner
2. Wah
3. Overdrive/Distortion
4. Delay
5. Chorus
6. Fuzz

imo a tuner is the most important thing
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