How good is the Omen 6 compared to the C1-Plus? I can definately get the Omen 6, but only a so-so chance of getting the C1-Plus (parents dont like to spend too much). Is the Omen 6 not worth getting? Because if it isn't I will just try to convince my parents to get the C1-Plus and help them out with some cash.

EDIT: I play a lot of rock and metal, with some cleans
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well they are similar guitars... i guess try some out and see which one you like best and see if the c1+ is worth the extra 2-300 dollars.
The C-1 is a much nicer guitar imho. And more expensive. If you are just getting into guitar I would say grab the Omen 6. I picked an Omen 6 up in a pawn shop a few years back for like $100 I think it was. With a proper set up and better pick ups. I was really surprised how well it played. Wish I had kept it now. Don't get me wrong now, this is no high end guitar....$300 new or so these days? For the money I think its hard to beat.
Both are good.
Just try to get the C-1+ if possible else the Omen 6 is fine too