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Ibanez GSR190
21 91%
B.C. Rich Bronze Series Warlock
2 9%
Voters: 23.
At my guitarists house, he has a B.C. Rich Bronze Series Warlock (as linked below), which I personally love to play, although the neck thickness does throw me off a bit. In my possession, I have the Ibanez GSR190, which I do not have a link to, but seeing as so many of the bassists here are Ibanez fans, I'm sure I don't need a link. Anyways, my question is, which would you consider the higher quality bass? I like the B. C. Rich, but that may just be because I don't play it as much. I'm starting to think that tonewise, my Ibanez will offer a better tone and better versatility, but I feel I might be slightly biased by the looks of the B.C. Rich (I'm sorry, I'm in love with the body ); so, I thought I'd ask you here on UG; which bass would you say is better?

Definately the Ibanez. Cheap B.C. rich basses (AKA: the bronze series) dont offer much tone but they do look awesome.
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you'd probably be better off with the Ibanez
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