So a few months ago, at a gig my classic 30 fell from a 2x12 cab. But i just picked it up and it still worked fine. Took it home and the tubes were slightly bent around but it still turned on and sounded fine. Played several gigs with it since and had many practices and it was still fine. But just the other day at practice im pretty sure i blew a tube, but i didnt know. One of the power tubes had like a white substance all throughout it. i figured this meant it had blown. So i took it to my local music shop just to get a second opinion and he confirmed that, but said it was weird that my amp still works with a power tube blown. It turns on the clean channel, and the dirty channel sounds just like the clean channel. He said it could be a problem much bigger than a bad tube, so he gave me an amp techs number. i wanted to ask on here prior to calling the tech due to cost issues. Also i noticed that sometimes my preamp tubes heat up and sometimes they dont. Does anyone on here have any experience with these problems or could help to provide needed insight.

If the problem is only tubes, ill go ahead and replace them all, so reccomendations are highly valued. I use the eq with my dirty channel and get sort of a heavy tone, so tubes benefitting that would help. Thanks guys.
I personally have no advice... seems like it shouldn't work at all if that one's messed up... I'm in the same opinion of the guy at the store. You might have a very hefty repair bill.
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Thats what im worried about. id much rather find out if its just the tubes or its something much worse before i go to a tech since itll cost me just for the tech to look at it. Would pictures help

preamp tubes while amp is on. Used to have a blue ish glow to them, now have none.

poweramp tubes while amp is on. right 3 still get the orange glow

tube on far left has white filament. guessing this means its blown
Get a matched quad of EL84's. Replace all four at the same time. Should fix your issue. I wouldn't continue to play the amp as it is.

I've had success with tubedepot.com .
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Just buy a quad set of tubes and replace them all, if it still dosen't work, then take it to a tech.
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I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
so you dont think anything is wrong with the preamps? I havent been playing it in order to not compound the problem and haha thanks. ive been meaning to. but its also the middle of the night here.
didn't look bad to me. do they have the same look as the el84s? They looked fine to me. Only one power tube is bad from what I see, but you replace them with a matched quad and keep the 3 good used tubes for spares should this happen again.
all right doesnt sound nearly as bad as i thought. any reccomendations for tube choice? maybe to get a little more gain. Ive heard ehx reccomended for classic 30s for that purpose

edit do they need to be rebiaseD?
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