I've been using Guitar Rig ever since I got back into playing about 18 months ago. The way I have it setup is like this: I have my guitar (with passive pickups) connected straight into an M-Audio 2496 sound card. The sound card has RCA inputs, so I have a 1/4" TRS to dual RCA Y-cable on the end of my instrument cable which is plugged into the right and left inputs of the sound card. At first I had only a TRS to RCA adapter on the end of the instrument cable and was plugged into only one of the inputs, but the presets in Guitar Rig that used the Split Mix component only utilized one channel so I put the Y-cable on and now split mix works. FWIW, even without the Y-cable, sound still came out of both speakers. I also have a set of 125 watt Fostex studio monitors connected to the sound card.

As it is, I think everything sounds pretty damn good. I don't know a whole lot about home recording and connecting instruments to a computer but I was reading and came across something that said you need to boost the signal of the guitar when plugging into a sound card. Also, I looked back through the manual for my sound card and it shows a preamp between the guitar and sound card.

As I said, it sounds good to me the way it is, but I'm wondering if a preamp would make it sound even better. I don't think it sounds thin at all which from what I understand is how it would sound if a preamp were needed.

Here's what the manual says:

"All Delta interfaces accept line-level analog signals. Connect your line-level instruments (Keyboards, mixers, etc.) to any available analog input. If you wish to record microphones or the direct output of an electric guitar, bass, or other instrument-level device, you must first raise the signal to line-level using a preamplifier."

Here's the photo from the manual:

Any info is appreciated.
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i guess you can manage without, but it just makes things a whole lot easier when things are recorded at the proper levels (as high as possible before distortion). i would get one

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