I've played the higher-end cousin of this guitar. It is a good guitar that plays well, but its more suited for a hard rock, metal type of sound. Its pretty wild

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As much as any other lower-end ibanez guitar is. They're ok, but they're not great (compared to older models or the prestige models of today). I mean it won't be BAD, but it won't be GREAT, if that makes sense.

Basswood is generally a "neutral" wood that shredders prefer because they spend time in the upper register. If you're not into metal that much, you could check out some other guitars maybe?

What in particular drew you to this guitar?

TBH the pickups aren't too good, which won't matter unless you have a good amp.
its alright but there is no real reason to get it if its not for metal, the pickups arent very good clean
Well it looks like a biker axe.. Ibanez and got some good reviews here.

Yeah, i'm not big on metal. Is there another guitar you recommend?

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You can play more than metal with that guitar. THere is no such thing as a guitar is meant for metal or meant for country.

You play what you want on the guitar.

The PU's aren't the greatest but they aren't too bad. It's a pretty basic Ibanez RG. So try it out and see what you think. I used to have an RG that was very similar and it was very versitile. Very easy to play on.