So im thinking of buying this amp mainly because its ridiculously cheap, but what are its pros and cons? .. and well i play many different genres, and my other question is wont i just get bored ****less of it as its so simple?
I bought the Vox AC4TV and let me tell you something. Everything but boring.
Simple reason, you get very few tone possibilites unless you use pedals, then the world is yours to explore !

IMO there is nothing like a "as simple as it gets" amp with pedals.

What kind of sound are you looking for ?
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I got a new crate v5 for £50 and did this simple mod...

This is the no op amp modification with the op amp removed a continuation of post #160. How you get the op amp out of the board is up to you, basic way is to cut off all pins and remove them one at a time. Also can desolder all the pins and remove op amp in one piece.
Steps involved in modification after removing PCB from chassis

1) Remove op amp IC1, C25, R28, R14, C5, C4, R27, R15 and R2
2) Replace R15 with a jumper
3) Jumper from op amp pin 3 to junction of C25 R2 and R1 (amplifier input jumper)
4) Jumper from pin 7 of op amp to ground via of R27 (black wire in picture)
5) Jumper from op amp pin 6 to junction of R27, R15, R7 and pin2 (grid) of 12AX7

^^^ this along with a £35 jensen speaker, new tubes, and a bias resistor change sounds pretty ****ing sweet
well at first im just looking for some good clean sound, but i know later on i'll want some more distortion to play some classic rock.

The Fender Champion 600 don't have attenuator, and 5 Watts can be pretty ****ing loud when cranked, so you might want to check that out. Even more if you boost it

The Vox might be good for you since it sounds really british, for your classic rock and at 1/4 watts cranked you get a nice overdrive sound.
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