So i just went down to D tuning (DGCFAD) and I have been learning the following songs so far: My Curse by KSE, Vicious Betrayal by ATRM, and The Crimson by Atreyu.

I can do everything in those songs except the solos, so anybody have any recommendation on songs that can take my skills up a notch? I prefer metalcore songs...and songs with a lot of downpicking would be good too

EDIT: I only play that cool arpeggio from The Crimson...I haven't gotten around to learning the other parts
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68- haste the day
back burner- august burns red
unbroken- killswitch engage
internal revolution- diecast

all fun ta play, it pretty easy :]
Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire.
All That Remains - Not Alone.
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