I got bored this morning and wrote this. It started out really August Burns Red influenced, but I guess I started doing my own thing throughout. Anyway, I liked it, so I'm gonna post it.
Good god calm down with the breakdowns. This entire song is a breakdown with a few non-open notes here and there.

I liked the verse though. It was cool and the time changes flowed like water.
The drums in the bridge were cool
68 was a nice break from the drop tuned monotony
Prog Break reminded me a lot of Protest the Hero. Really good.
I didn't care a lot for the tapping on Breakdown 3. It just didn't sound good to me

Sorry if that's harsh, but it's the way I feel.

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I appreciate your honesty, sincerely haha.

Yeah I kinda had the same thought. Like I didn't intend for it to be a breakdownfest, it just kinda happened. Its far from finished, so I'll probably go back now and try to mess around with it. Add some variety I suppose, clear up the monotony.
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Criting as I listen-

I don't usually like intro breakdowns, but if it had been somewhere else in the song I would have enjoyed it.

Verse 1 was awesome, very ABR sounding.

Breakdown 1 was cool, I really liked the fade in at bar 28.

I LOVED breakdown 2. When the lead came in it sounded.... wrong at parts, mostly in the second bar, the first bar of it sounded good.

Prog break.... to my ears sounds extremely similar to a riff in Born of Osiris's Abstract Art.

The tapping in breakdown 3 was really cool.

The outro was cool, as well.

I really enjoyed the whole thing a lot. I did, however, think there was too many breakdowns (this is coming from a -core fan). I would either cut out some of the breakdowns, or add some more riffs to make the song seem less like one long breakdown.

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